Skin care recipe

Skin care recipe: Oak bark tincture with Avramidis Olive Oil 100 years 

Nina Avramidis

Take a 3-5 litre pan and fill it with small pieces of oak bark until it’s almost full. Cover the oak bark with water and boil it for 45 minutes.

After boiling, pour the brew through a sieve and add it to the bath water. Depending on how severe the rash is, the concentration of the oak bark brew can be increased (i.e. less bath water and more oak bark brew). Also add about 250 ml of olive oil (I had the best experience with Avramidis Olive Oil 100 years) into the bath water.



Bathe in the oak bark and olive oil bath for about 30 minutes. Don’t get scared! When you get out of the bathtub, your whole body, and especially the affected areas, may appear very red. It doesn't hurt and will go away after a few minutes. Do not rub your skin with the towel when drying, just pat it dry! 


If needed, you can massage your skin with some more olive oil. 


I took an oak bark and olive oil bath every other day. 


Nina Avramidis

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