Interesting facts about olive oil

Can I heat olive oil?


Olive oil can be heated up to 180°C. It can be used for gentle frying and deep-frying. When it is heated above 180°C, the decomposition processes that destroy the valuable contents begin. If this temperature is exceeded, you will perceive an unpleasant, burnt smell and development of smoke. Toxic, carcinogenic substances can be developed during the process.


What happens if olive oil solidifies?


Olive oil is not spoiled when it solidifies. Every healthy olive oil will solidify at low temperatures of around 6-10°C. This is because of the high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids. When it warms up, the olive oil becomes liquid again without any loss of quality or taste. Olive oil can also solidify when it’s shipped on cold days or when it’s kept on a cold floor.


How long does olive oil last?


If high quality olive oil is properly stored (dark, cool and dry), it can easily last up to 24 months. However, if stored incorrectly, olive oil can quickly become rancid. You can tell by the smell.


What is the fatty acid content?


The fatty acid content is a Europe-wide fixed value. The quality of olive oil can be evaluated by its acidity. Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality class. A fatty acid content of 0.8% cannot be exceeded in this quality class. The fatty acid content of Avramidis® Olive Oil 100 years ranges between 0.1 and 0.5%, depending on the harvest year.


Is unfiltered olive oil better?


Unfiltered olive oil contains significantly more healthy ingredients than filtered oil. This is why we decided to filter Avramidis® Olive Oil 100 years only through a metal filter, which only filters out the coarse fruit parts. Otherwise it would spoil within a few weeks.


The remaining cloudiness can be compared to the pulp in a natural fruit juice. There’s nothing wrong with it. On the contrary, it has a high content of healthy fat-soluble substances and antioxidants. This also preserves the characteristic taste of olive oil.

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