1 Minute Ikarian Relaxing

Sometimes one minute of relaxation is enough for you to calmly face the challenges of everyday life again. Ikaria is one of the most relaxing and healthiest places in the world. In order to let you experience this feeling, we will send you a short video every now and then, which invites you into this wonderful atmosphere. The sounds of the Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls, which

accompany the videos, can lead you even deeper into relaxation.

Would you like to vacation on Ikaria or are you interested in living on Ikaria? Miriam Maas from IkariAssist will be happy to support you:



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Avramidis® Ikarian Life

Anna Britta & Niko Avramidis

Agios Dimitrios/Raches

83301 Ikaria

Tel. 0030-694 620 9808

E-Mail:  avramidis.ikaria@gmail.com

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Avramidis® Ikarian Life

Anna Britta & Niko Avramidis

Gartenkamp 7

48465 Schüttorf

Tel. 0049-157-38247952

E-Mail:  avramidis.ikaria@gmail.com